Maintenance of old Legacy PHP

A PHP system can be outdated in such a way that we call it a Legacy PHP system. For instance when it contains PHP4. For this type of web application, most programmers will advise a transition to a 'new construction'.

But you prefer to keep your current system running, because of cost elements or because the processes in your organisation are built around the application. But it is also possible that your system needs an update because system administrators update the servers.

The risks of an outdated PHP system are often a lack of documentation and the love hackers have for these types of old systems. Do you have an idea of what you might lose when your system breaks down, how much damage you will suffer if hackers abuse the system? Do you know how long it will take to repair a system without any documentation or to build something similar?

Prevention is better than cure

IJsSoft will find out if there is Legacy PHP present in your websites and web applications and will make a plan of attack to stay ahead of a breakdown of your systems. Then we will gladly implement the plan by updating or sharing the code.
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