Building PHP and Laravel systems

PHP is a web-based programming language. This makes PHP software highly versatile to use and suitable for many devices like PCs, tablets and mobile phones. A system made in PHP is comparable to a website that you log in to for work.

We have made very diverse systems for our clients. From member systems to online shops, from academic research systems to marketplaces. Virtually all our projects concern the core system of our clients' businesses. All systems provide added value, sometimes by simplifying processes, sometimes by increasing sales.

We use PHP, Javascript, HTML, MySQL and Ajax. We prefer to use the Laravel 5 Framework.

After the system is built

After the PHP system is built, our job is not finished yet. Thorough documentation and a clarification on the workings of the system tailored to the target group is needed to anchor the entire system to your organisation. Your employees have to really experience how it works and see the benefits of it.

And we would of course like to continue handling the maintenance for you.

Want to know more?

If you want to have your PHP system developed and maintained by real specialists, please call
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